How to Make Your Icarus Market Account Extremely Secure?

The market offers enough security-features, which if and when implemented literally make an account unhackable.

2-FA via PGP, Security PIN, and Login phrase are some of the available security features.

Let’s first setup 2-FA via PGP then?

How to setup 2-FA on Icarus Market?

Login to your Icarus Market account, and click on “Settings” on the top-right corner.

On the settings page, scroll down to the “PGP Settings”  section and  click on “Enable 2FA”.

Paste your PGP public key in the box, and enter your 6-digit PIN which you set during your Icarus Market Registration.

You’ll then need to verify that you truly own the entered PGP key.

An Encrypted message is displayed which needs to be decrypted before the PGP is activated.

Click on the “login” button and done.

You now will  have to decrypt a PGP-signed message every time you login.

How to change Login phrase/ Security PIN/ Password on Icarus Market?

I’ve included all three in this one section because of the process.

You can do all of this from the same page, and the process is nearly identical.

On the “Security page”, simply edit your login phrase.

No verification/authentication required. Just change it and it’s changed.

Similarly, you can change the security PIN as well. Just scroll down to the “Change PIN” section.

There, you can enter your current PIN and the new PIN.

Changing the password is exactly the same as changing the PIN.

Note that this method to change the password only works if you already know your current password.

If you forgot your password, you should refer to our tutorial on how to recover Icarus account password.