How to Purchase Items on Icarus Market?

For starters, note that purchasing/selling goods on Icarus Market is 100% illegal.

Hence, this guide is only to show you the process of how it’s done.

We aren’t encouraging or supporting you to do it. If done, it’ll 100% be your own responsibility.

Anyway, in order to purchase items, a user would first login to his/her Icarus Market account.

They’d then find the product they wish to purchase and click on “view”.

On the next page, it helps if the legitimacy of the vendor is verified. [Optional]

Here’s a guide on how to verify vendor-legitimacy on Icarus Market.

Either way, the quantity, shipping mode and payment Cryptocurrency is selected next.

On the next page, buyers enter their message, address and other notes they wish to share with the vendor, and click on “purchase”.

(Optionally, the “PGP Encrypt” button can be used for automated encryption as well.)

The order is then placed if you’ve enough funds in your wallet.

If you don’t, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to deposit funds on Icarus Market.