How to Deposit/Withdraw Funds on Icarus Market?

Icarus Market isn’t a wallet-less marketplace.

Hence, you’ll need to deposit funds in advance  in order to purchase items on the marketplace.

In order to deposit funds, login to your Icarus Market account and click on the wallet (top-right corner)for the Cryptocurrency which you wish to deposit.

Or, you can also hover over “balance” on the top-bar, and choose the Cryptocurrency you wish to deposit.

Note that both the steps mentioned above take you to the same page.

For  this example, I’m going to the Bitcoin wallet.

On the next page, you need to click on the “Generate Address” button.

An address is generated for your deposit.

Just make a deposit to the address, wait for the no. of required confirmations and the funds are reflected in your account.

Make sure you check and match the minimum deposit limit that’s displayed on this page.

How to Withdraw Funds on Icarus Market?

The steps to withdraw funds are nearly identical to depositing them.

For starters, go to the wallet’s deposit page for the Cryptocurrency which you wish to withdraw.

Just scroll down on the page without generating a new address and you’ll see this:

The form is pretty self-explanatory; isn’t it?

Just enter the address, amount, your Icarus Market PIN and captcha.

Done! Your funds will reach the address you just specified on this withdrawal form.