How to Find Legit/Trustworthy Vendors on Icarus Market?

I praised Icarus Market’s vendor-transparency in the Icarus Market review, didn’t I?

Well, here’s the reason why I did that.

The vendor-transparency is basically the level of transparency any marketplace offers about its vendors’ previous history.

If a buyer can check a vendor’s previous records, it’s easy to separate the established/trustworthy ones from the potential scammers, isn’t it?

Well, when you search for a product on Icarus Market, the results already include basic details about the sellers.

These results include:

  • The name of the seller
  • The number of successful orders made by the seller (displayed in brackets.)
  • Level of the seller
  • Trusted seal (if and when available.)
  • Account creation date
  • Total sales on each individual product
  • Total views.

Now, I do believe this gets anyone a pretty idea about a vendor’s legitimacy.

The no. of sales and vendor-level alone imparts extensive information.

As mentioned in the detailed review, the vendor-level depends on the amount of sales. So any vendor above level 2 has already sold over $2000.00 worth of goods.

Just in case you need more information, you can click on the vendor’s username.

Doing that will get you this screen:

Again, you get the total no. of orders, vendor-level and trusted seal (when available.)

But, you also get additional data such as:

  • Last active date
  • of positive/negative/neutral disputes.
  • Feedback score: Positive/negative/neutral.

You can even click on the “Positive feedback”, “Neutral feedback”, “Negative feedback” to get reviews from real buyers who have purchased items from this seller.

The most impressive aspect however is the “Achieved feedback” from other marketplaces.

E.g. in the above screenshot, you can see the total no. of sales, positive/negative/neutral feedback for the seller on Empire Market.

This I believe lets you easily filter the good  vendors from the scammers.