Frequently Asked Questions About Icarus Market

This page is dedicated to the Frequently Asked Questions about Icarus Market.

These are the most basic questions most users have about the marketplace.

Let’s get you the answers then?

Is Accessing Icarus Market Illegal?

No, it’s not illegal to just “access” Icarus Market.

It however is illegal to buy/sell illegal items on the marketplace.

Most products on Icarus are illegal, hence, almost all trade becomes illegal.

But, browsing, checking products and the marketplace in general isn’t illegal.

Is Icarus Market Legit or a Scam?

Icarus Market is a 100% legit darknet marketplace, for now.

Obviously, it may exit-scam at any point in the future. Or, it may be seized by law enforcement agencies.

However, as of now, it’s a legit darkweb marketplace.

Is Icarus Market Wallet-Less?

No, as I’ve mentioned multiple times in the Icarus market review, the marketplace isn’t wallet-less.

What this means is, you first have to deposit funds to a centralized wallet.

And then, you can pay for your order(s) using the funds in you wallet.

Wallet-less marketplaces do not use centralized wallets, nor do they require advance deposits.

They let users pay for each order individually. That’s not the case with Icarus Market.

What is Finalize-Early?

It’s basically the non-Escrow transaction.

Finalize-Early trades mean your funds will go directly to the seller, and he/she can withdraw it instantly.

No “Escrow” is involved. It’s a bit risky and hence only available to the most trustworthy vendors.

Does Icarus Market Display Fake Listings?

Silk Road was often accused of fake listings.

This is a technique where a marketplace bumps up its product numbers. But, no listings are actually available.

Well, it seems to be possible on Icarus Market as well.

Here’s a screenshot.

I’m in the “Jewels and Gold” > “Gold” category. It shows me 10 listings on the sidebar.

However, as is evident, no products are actually available.

Note that this could be a temporary glitch as well. I just mentioned it so you truly have an honest insight into the marketplace.

What are the Payment Modes on Icarus Market?

Icarus Market accepts:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • And Monero.

Does Icarus Market offer Multisig Transactions?

Unfortunately, no. Icarus Market doesn’t offer multisig transactions.

It only has the standard Escrow, and Finalize-Early.

Is Icarus Market free?

Yes, Icarus Market is free for buyers.

There’s no registration fee, buying fee, or any other fee involved.

The vendors however do pay a vendor-fee for the vendor accounts.