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This Icarus Market review will discuss every single feature, problem, and overall potential that the marketplace brings with itself.

I’ve literally been following the marketplace since day 1.

So, I’ve seen it grow, change, develop and be the marketplace that it is today.

Note that this review of the marketplace will be completely unbiased.

So, I’m never saying Icarus Market is the best marketplace on the dark web.

It may or may not be, my intention is only to get you the most detailed insight into its current state as of today.

Table of Contents:

Let’s get this Icarus Market review started then?


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Icarus Market Overview

What better place to start than an overview of the marketplace? So here it is:

  • Onion address: http://tjfr4vfwmq6df4hc.onion/
  • No. of products: 24,078
  • Payment accepted in: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero.
  • Wallet-less: No.
  • Minimum Bitcoin deposit: 0.0007BTC.
  • Escrow: Yes.
  • Finalize-Early: Available (for some vendors.)
  • Security features: Mnemonic code/ 2-FA/ PIN / Login phrase.
  • Vendor-fee: $200.00 (non-refundable.)

Icarus Market Alternative Mirrors

These mirrors will make sure the marketplace is available 24X7 to users.

These have been obtained directly from the Icarus Market homepage, and hence are legit.

I believe that’s a good overview, but, let’s get you the details?

How Good/Bad is the Icarus Market User Interface?

If you’ve been with any other darknet market in the past, you’ll see a familiar interface here.

There’s the top-bar, left-sidebar and the rest of the screen.

The top-bar is what lets you reach the different sections on the marketplace.

You can reach your messages, orders, balance, support etc. using the top-bar.

The left-sidebar, as is traditional, lists all the product-categories.

The rest of the screen displays a basic search-bar, news, security settings, and some featured listings.

It has this unique “Orders” interface that most other darkweb markets miss.

You get a complete insight of your total accepted orders and shipped order by hovering over “Orders” on the top-bar.

It’s just an unique feature which makes things easier for Icarus users.

Let’s say you’ve never seen a darknet market before. Even then, I guess you can understand it with ease, can’t you?

What Products are Available on Icarus Market?

For a marketplace less than half a year old, Icarus Market impressed me beyond words with its product-stock.

It features a total of 24,078 product-listings as of today.

The product-categories can be broadly identified to be Drugs, Fraud, Digital Items, Jewels and Gold, Services, Security & Hosting, Counterfeit items, Services etc.

The most product-rich category obviously is “drugs”. It alone features nearly 50% of the marketplace’s total product-stock with 14330 listings.

The category is sub-divided into Benzos, Stimulants, Weight loss, Tobacco, Paraphernalia, Ecstasy, Cannabis and Hash etc.  

The second category with the most no. of products is “Digital Products”. It houses as many as 4469 listings.

As the name suggests, everything which can be delivered digitally is found in this category.

Some of the available products include Amazon gift card generator, tutorials, Netflix accounts etc.

Surprisingly, I also found a number of “free listings”. These were basically tools which were being given away for free, at 0.00BTC.

The other category with good product-numbers is “Fraud”. Today, it houses 2809 listings.

These too are “digital items”, but these are all finance-related. Meaning, bank accounts, credit card details, personal info dumps etc.

The “Counterfeit items” primarily houses fake documents such as licenses, passports, fake currency etc.

However, I also found a number of drug and pills listed. This is just an error on the vendor’s part.

All in all, I’d say the marketplace has one of the most impressive product-arsenals in the entire darkweb industry.

What isn’t available on Icarus Market?

Obviously, alike most darknet markets, Icarus Market too has some restrictions.

While almost anything can be bought and sold, it’s still not a free ride.

For now, a vendor can’t sell the following items:

  • Items related to illegal porn
  • Fentanyl
  • Weapons

What are the Accepted Payment Modes on Icarus Market?

Cryptocurrency is obviously the only accepted mode of darkweb payment on any darknet marketplace.

But, which Cryptocurrencies exactly does Icarus Market accept?

Fortunately, the marketplace isn’t just limited to Bitcoin, and rather, also accepts:

  • Bitcoin
  • Monero
  • Litecoin.

What are the Minimum Deposit Limits, Confirmation Requirements and Withdrawal Fee on Icarus Market?

Surprisingly, Icarus Market has a minimum deposit requirement.

Meaning, deposits below the minimum amount aren’t accepted.

It’s surprising because most other darkweb markets do not have such minimum deposit requirements.

Anyway, the limit differs for each Cryptocurrency on Icarus Market, which are:

  • Bitcoin: 0.0007 BTC
  • Litecoin: 0.1 LTC
  • Monero: 0.2 XMR

Bitcoin and Litecoin have 1-confirmation requirements.

Monero on the other hand needs 10 confirmations.

It does allow withdrawals, which are charged at 1% for any of the Cryptocurrencies.

Here’s a guide on how to deposit and withdraw funds from Icarus Market.

What are Icarus Market’s Vending Policies?

By “vending policies”, I mean the requirements and terms that vendors on the marketplace must adhere to.

For starters, there’s a standard $200.00 vending-fee on the marketplace.

As of right now, this has been waived for all established vendors.

However, it may not be true for the time when you read this Icarus Market review.

The vending-fee if and when paid, is non-refundable.

Do note that established vendors on other marketplaces may be eligible for a free vendor account. However, this isn’t guaranteed.

The vendors are awarded “levels”. This lets them get more sales and avail other benefits.

These levels are dependent on the amount of sales made by the vendor. New accounts start at level 1. They go up to level 10 after making sales worth 250000$+.

Here’s a screenshot explaining the vendor-level in details:

Note that Finalize-Early is available on the marketplace, but it’s only enabled for selected and trustworthy vendors.

How Good is Icarus Market’s Search-Functionality?

On the surface, it looks extremely basic.

This is what’s offered on the user-dashboard:

But, do not be fooled. Once you hit search, the result-page actually offers a much better search-interface:

Now, this honestly is “the” most filter-rich darknet market search-functionality I’ve ever seen.

The available filters include:

  • Terms: This is basically the keyword-box.
  • Category: Searching for “drugs” in the “drugs” category will get you actual, physical drugs. But, in the “digital goods” category, it’ll get you e-books. Pretty handy, isn’t it?
  •  Origin Country & Shipping to: These let you define a specific source-country for your goods, as well as a shipping destination.
  • Type: You can choose if you’re searching for physical, or digital items.
  • Stock: You can choose to only display the items in stock.
  • Crypto: These let you choose the exact Cryptocurrency you’d like to pay with.
  • Minimum & Maximum price: Obviously, you can choose the min-max price range.
  • Escrow: Choose if you need direct Escrow, or F.E transactions.
  • Vendors: Offers two choices, “Trusted vendors” and “finalized early” vendors.
  • Minimum/Maximum level: This lets you set your vendor-preferences straight.

I wasn’t exaggerating when I said it’s the best ever search-feature, was I?

My primary complain even on the biggest darkweb markets is that they do not offer price-range, vendor levels, and Cryptocurrency filters.

Icarus Market on the other hand leaves nothing to chance with its granular search-feature.

What are the Security Features on Icarus Market?

Are your accounts secure? More importantly, are your trades and funds secure? Can you be scammed? Are your communications secure?

Fortunately, the security on Icarus Market seems pretty tight.

For starters, it offers 2-FA via PGP. This makes sure your account remains safe.

It even has an automated “PGP Encrypt” button. This encrypts your communications (messages/addresses) to the vendor via PGP and it’s then only accessible to the vendor.

(Note that using in-built PGP encryption isn’t safe. You should always manually encrypt the messages.)

Then, it lets us set a “login phrase” during registration. This is displayed on the user-dashboard always and forever. If you’re on a fake Icarus Market URL, this login phrase wouldn’t be present.

A security PIN too is set during registrations. This can be enabled to be used for purchases.

So basically, your password and 2-FA secure your login, and the PIN secures your funds.

On top of this, the vendor-transparency on Icarus Market is impressive.

You can read a detailed tutorial on how to find legit/trustworthy vendors on Icarus Market here.

Furthermore, in case you lose access to your funds or accounts, the market also offers a 9-digit Mnemonic code which can be used to recover accounts.

And finally, the marketplace has the traditional escrow which protects trades. The Escrow is valid for 3 days in case of digital items, and 14 days if physical items are bought/sold.

The one feature that I wish was available but isn’t is the Multisig transactions.

But overall? I’d say all the security features that most other darknet markets offer are available on Icarus Market.

Icarus Market Pros and Cons

Before I sum this Icarus Market review up, here are its Pros and Cons.


  • Product-rich.
  • All security features are available.
  • 3 Cryptocurrencies accepted.
  • Traditional interface.


  • Not wallet-less.


This Icarus Market review is solely and exclusively for educational and research purposes. 

Trading, buying, selling on darknet markets is illegal. The same holds true for Icarus Market as well. 

We are not encouraging/sponsoring or supporting the use of darknet markets. 

It’s just a “review”, not an endorsement. 

Any and all use of Icarus Market, this review, or any other article/link on this website is 100% your own responsibility. 

You must establish the legality of your actions before proceeding. 

We will not be held responsible for your trades or any other illegal activities anywhere on the web, we’re against it.

If you still have doubts, check our Icarus Market FAQ.

Icarus Market Review – Final verdict

Let me sum this Icarus Market review up then?

It’s by far one of the fastest-growing darknet markets  in the industry.

The security features are all there. except the Multisig transactions.

Even the Cryptocurrency support is impressive.

However, I’d have liked it more if it was wallet-less; and if the minimum deposit limits were waived.

But overall, I’d say it’s a 4/5 marketplace.

I don’t see a reason why this Icarus Market review shouldn’t receive a 4/5 rating, do you?